Where vegetables are unhealthy?

make vegetables delectable?

Local tomatoes are in season here in New England.  Summer, of course, is the time to enjoy fresh, local produce of all sorts wherever you may be.  Except in Hidden Valley.

The folks at HV Food Products, makers of Hidden Valley Ranch dressings, say (in a barrage of TV commercials on the Food Network) that your vegetables aren’t “delectable” unless you slather them with sugar, MSG, and a raft a flavor enhancers and oily fats.

The company’s new campaign has the actress Jenny Garth explaining why fresh, in-season vegetables need all this, and healthy dose of calcium disodium EDTA preservative to keep them that way for — months.

International House of High Fructose Corn Syrup

A couple years ago, in San Francisco, at a certain open-late diner on Market Street, I had a question about the maple syrup.  “Do you serve real maple syrup with the pancakes?”  Our waitress was tattooed, blond-pink, pierced, and dismissive. “Yes,” she replied.

I’ve heard this before.  I persisted.  “I mean, its is natural maple syrup?  Like from a tree?”  The waitress is getting annoyed.  In San Francisco its not necessary to defer to customers, or even be nice to them.

“Look, ” she began, exasperated and actually looking up from the pad now, “we make the maple syrup right here, in the back.  We made it like one hour ago.”

Natural and homemade!